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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [9/50] i386: validate against ACPI motherboard resources
On 9/22/07, Robert Hancock <> wrote:
> Yinghai Lu wrote:
> > No!
> >
> > MMCONFIG will not work with acpi=off any more.
> I don't think this is unreasonable. The ACPI MCFG table is how we are
> supposed to learn about the area in the first place. If we can't get the
> table location via an approved mechanism, and can't validate it doesn't
> overlap with another memory reservation or something, I really don't
> think we should be using it.
> I don't think it's much of an issue anyway - the chances that somebody
> will want to run without ACPI on a system with MCFG are pretty low given
> that you'll end up losing a bunch of functionality (not least of which
> is multi-cores).

with acpi=off, that we do lose some features including acpi hotplug
and power management feature...
but we don't lose anything about numa ( multi-cores...) and
bus-numa... (we get these info from NB pci conf for AMD rev C, rev E,
rev F, and Fam 10 opteron)...

Finally we lose bugs introduced by ACPI code ...

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