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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: Network sky2 Module
>> ben soo wrote:
>>> This last might be an artifact caused by the firewall, i dunno.

> Bill Davidsen <> wrote:
>> Yes, I have found that I get far less problem in this area leaving the
>> MTU at 1500, then putting a larger MTU (usually 9000) into the routing
>> table for segments, or even just machines, where I know there is direct
>> connectivity.

Stephen Hemminger wrote:
> If you want to use Jumbo frames, you need to have routers and firewalls
> that correctly handle ICMP and do path MTU discovery. If you have bridges
> or firewalls that aren't Jumbo aware on both interfaces, then there will
> be long timeouts retries for each connection. If you have busted routers
> and firewalls that swallow ICMP then PMTU won't work well either.

i turned off the motherboard Marvell Gbit devices and installed a
Realtek 8169 card, all the while keeping to kernel version
2.6.23-rc6, and saw all the network problems go away. Must mean it
was a sky2 driver bug.

Am currently running 2.6.23-rc7 on the affected server and the rc7
sky2 driver is holding up fine so far.

thank you!

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