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SubjectRe: [-mm patchset] War on warnings
On 02/09/07, Satyam Sharma <> wrote:
> I decided to ruin my Sunday with an utterly pointless activity --
> waging war on -mm build warnings. Some of the code I touched belonged
> to grotty, unused, dying drivers, but still, the end result was that
> I can now only see 5 warnings remaining on my typical .config (those
> have to do with pci_{find,enable}_device deprecation and __must_check
> on sysfs_create_{file,link} so I'll just leave 'em for now).
> Some were unused variable warnings, some uninitialized (few of those
> real bugs, but most not), some were "function defined but not used",
> some function argument signedness mismatches, some __must_check fixes,
> some tricky, but most just trivial.
> So till the next kernel release adds back shiny new build warnings,
> here's to some temporary peace ...

Great work Satyam.

Personally I hate all the build warnings we get and, just like you,
once in a while go on a warning killing spree. It's just so much
easier to spot the real problems when the build doesn't spew a ton of
pointless warnings.

Thank you for doing this, I hope some of your patches get merged.

Btw; it would be easier to see if one has got all the patches if you
numbered your patch series with the usual "[PATCH XX/YY]".

Jesper Juhl <>
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