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Subject[-mm patchset] War on warnings

I decided to ruin my Sunday with an utterly pointless activity --
waging war on -mm build warnings. Some of the code I touched belonged
to grotty, unused, dying drivers, but still, the end result was that
I can now only see 5 warnings remaining on my typical .config (those
have to do with pci_{find,enable}_device deprecation and __must_check
on sysfs_create_{file,link} so I'll just leave 'em for now).

Some were unused variable warnings, some uninitialized (few of those
real bugs, but most not), some were "function defined but not used",
some function argument signedness mismatches, some __must_check fixes,
some tricky, but most just trivial.

So till the next kernel release adds back shiny new build warnings,
here's to some temporary peace ...
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