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    SubjectRe: 2.6.23-rc6-mm1
    > From: Andrew Morton <>

    > > <4>[ 21.211942] Duplicate file names "rtc" detected
    > Nah, that's an rtc-specific problem.

    RTC-related ... but it's a procfs bug, since it's procfs which doesn't
    even bother to check for duplicate names before it registers files.
    And it's that duplication which is the problem. Try the patch in
    this message

    > I think David says that it's actually not a problem, but I didn't
    > really understand how this can be?

    I said it's not an RTC problem ... it's a procfs problem.

    Trying to fix procfs bugs by changing RTC code is futile. ;)

    > From: Chuck Ebbert <>
    > AFAICT the rtc problem is caused by misconfiguration: both the new
    > and old rtc driver have been built and they are both trying to load.

    That _shouldn't_ be a problem at all; only one of them should be
    able to bind to that hardware.

    The only problem I see in these messages is that procfs bug.

    - Dave

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