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SubjectRe: [Celinux-dev] [Announce] Linux-tiny project revival
Tim Bird wrote:
> Andrew Morton wrote:
>> On Wed, 19 Sep 2007 11:03:09 -0700
>> Tim Bird <> wrote:
>>> Recently, the CE Linux forum has been working to revive the
>>> Linux-tiny project. At OLS, I asked for interested parties
>>> to volunteer to become the new maintainer for the Linux-tiny patchset.
>> I volunteer! Send patches to me, cc linux-kernel and celinuv-dev.
>> Seriously, putting this stuff into some private patch collection should
>> be a complete last resort - you should only do this with patches which
>> you (and the rest of us) agree have no hope of ever getting into mainline.
> OK, I'll try to accelerate the effort to send these to you.
> We'll still need some kind of bucket for the patches that
> don't apply to recent kernels, but which no one has yet
> had time to bring up-to-date (or evaluate for permanent
> dismissal). And dribbling them out, fixing them up,
> responding to issues - all take time that I can't
> commit to personally for the next week or so.
> I'll let Michael respond whether he can get to this
> sooner rather than later, as planned.

Andrew, you're completely right... The patches should all aim at being
included into mainline or die.

I'm finishing a sequence of crazy weeks and I will have time to send you
patches one by one next week, starting with the easiest ones.

Thanks for your support.



Michael Opdenacker
+33 621 604 642

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