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SubjectRe: Wasting our Freedom
hmm, on Mon, Sep 17, 2007 at 05:08:46AM -0700, David Schwartz said that
> > As said above, the accusations, if you read them correctly, were not
> > wrong, but spot on right. Unless someone proves that dual-licensing as
> > in "you may follow terms A or terms B at your choice" implicitly implies
> > being allowed to remove A altogether should you choose B.
> You are confusing licenses with license notices. The GPL says you must keep
> GPL license notices intact. Otherwise, it gives you complete freedom to
> modify. This means that if you choose the GPL, you gain (from the GPL) the
> right to remove the BSD license *NOTICE*.
> This has no effect on anyone's substantive rights though. Removing license
> notices has no effect on actual licenses.

but how do i know i have a bsd licensed file
if the license notice has been removed from it?

i know copyright applies to a file which has no (c) line in it,
because it's implicit. but licenses are not implicit, are they?

treat each day as your last, one day you will be right.
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