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SubjectRe: Statement by SFLC (was Re: Wasting our Freedom)
On Sunday 16 September 2007, Eben Moglen wrote:
> Also, and again for the last time, let me state that SFLC's
> instructions from its clients are to establish all the facts
> concerning the development of the current relevant code (which means
> the painstaking reconstruction of several independent and overlapping
> lines of development, including forensic reconstruction through
> line-by-line code reviews where version control system information is
> not available), as well as to resolve all outstanding legal issues,
> and to make policy recommendations

Everyone is expecting yet another one of your lovely recommendations
which very simply reads: "steal and infect everything you possibly can
and refuse to pass on the rights that you have received."

As you do your imaginary "painstaking reconstruction" the whole world
can see you refuse to practice what you preach in the supposed "spirit"
of your "steal-alike" license because you refuse to pass on the rights
you have received.

> The required work has been made more arduous because some people have
> chosen not to cooperate in good faith.

When you stated you intend to secure as much code as possible under your
license of choice, you mistakenly told the world you had no intention
of cooperating in good faith with anyone.

> But making threats of litigation and throwing around words like
> "theft" and "malpractice" was a Really Bad Idea

Speaking of "Really Bad Ideas," you trained us. The only time we get any
form of response is when we continue to become more loud, more
abrasive, more aggressive, and more accusational. As long as people in
your camp continue to use your license and lawyers as a weapon to push
your "free as in koolaid" political agenda there will be people like me
who will stand up and fight against your theft, your malpractice, your
stalling tactics and your legal bullying.

I hope the name Pavlov rings a bell.

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