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    Subject[PATCH 1/3] Normalize config options for guest support
    Group all the "guest OS" support options together, under
    CONFIG_PARAVIRT. Make this a proper menu item so it looks neater on
    menuconfig etc, and make the wording for each prompt uniform.

    Signed-off-by: Rusty Russell <>

    diff -r 3d3ac181380b arch/i386/Kconfig
    --- a/arch/i386/Kconfig Fri Sep 14 12:24:15 2007 +1000
    +++ b/arch/i386/Kconfig Fri Sep 14 12:45:09 2007 +1000
    @@ -214,28 +214,38 @@ config X86_ES7000


    -config PARAVIRT
    - bool "Paravirtualization support (EXPERIMENTAL)"
    +menuconfig PARAVIRT
    + bool "Paravirtualized guest support (EXPERIMENTAL)"
    depends on EXPERIMENTAL
    depends on !(X86_VISWS || X86_VOYAGER)
    Paravirtualization is a way of running multiple instances of
    Linux on the same machine, under a hypervisor. This option
    changes the kernel so it can modify itself when it is run
    under a hypervisor, improving performance significantly.
    However, when run without a hypervisor the kernel is
    theoretically slower. If in doubt, say N.
    +if PARAVIRT

    source "arch/i386/xen/Kconfig"

    config VMI
    - bool "VMI Paravirt-ops support"
    - depends on PARAVIRT
    + bool "VMI Guest support"
    VMI provides a paravirtualized interface to the VMware ESX server
    (it could be used by other hypervisors in theory too, but is not
    at the moment), by linking the kernel to a GPL-ed ROM module
    provided by the hypervisor.
    +config LGUEST_GUEST
    + bool "Lguest guest support"
    + depends on !X86_PAE
    + help
    + Lguest is a tiny in-kernel hypervisor. Selecting this will
    + allow your kernel to boot under lguest. This option will increase
    + your kernel size by about 6k. If in doubt, say N.

    config ACPI_SRAT
    diff -r 3d3ac181380b arch/i386/xen/Kconfig
    --- a/arch/i386/xen/Kconfig Fri Sep 14 12:24:15 2007 +1000
    +++ b/arch/i386/xen/Kconfig Fri Sep 14 12:37:38 2007 +1000
    @@ -3,8 +3,8 @@

    config XEN
    - bool "Enable support for Xen hypervisor"
    - depends on PARAVIRT && X86_CMPXCHG && X86_TSC && !NEED_MULTIPLE_NODES
    + bool "Xen guest support"
    + depends on X86_CMPXCHG && X86_TSC && !NEED_MULTIPLE_NODES
    This is the Linux Xen port. Enabling this will allow the
    kernel to boot in a paravirtualized environment under the
    diff -r 3d3ac181380b drivers/lguest/Kconfig
    --- a/drivers/lguest/Kconfig Fri Sep 14 12:24:15 2007 +1000
    +++ b/drivers/lguest/Kconfig Fri Sep 14 12:31:44 2007 +1000
    @@ -1,23 +1,18 @@ config LGUEST
    config LGUEST
    tristate "Linux hypervisor example code"
    - depends on X86 && PARAVIRT && EXPERIMENTAL && !X86_PAE && FUTEX
    - select LGUEST_GUEST
    + depends on X86 && EXPERIMENTAL && !X86_PAE && FUTEX
    select HVC_DRIVER
    - This is a very simple module which allows you to run
    - multiple instances of the same Linux kernel, using the
    + This is a very simple module called lg.ko which allows you to run
    + multiple instances of the Linux kernel, using the
    "lguest" command found in the Documentation/lguest directory.
    Note that "lguest" is pronounced to rhyme with "fell quest",
    not "rustyvisor". See Documentation/lguest/lguest.txt.

    + Usually you would also turn on "Lguest guest support", to create a
    + kernel which can also boot under lguest.
    If unsure, say N. If curious, say M. If masochistic, say Y.
    -config LGUEST_GUEST
    - bool
    - help
    - The guest needs code built-in, even if the host has lguest
    - support as a module. The drivers are tiny, so we build them
    - in too.

    config LGUEST_NET

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