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SubjectRe: sata & scsi suggestion for make menuconfig
Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> Helge Hafting <> writes:
>> Randy Dunlap wrote:
>>> NOTE: ATA enables basic SCSI support; *however*,
>>> 'SCSI disk support', 'SCSI tape support', or
>>> 'SCSI CDROM support' may also be needed,
>>> depending on your hardware configuration.
> Could one duplicate the configure options for scsi disk/tape/cdrom at
> that place?

Yes, e.g. like in

> The text should then probably read SCSI/SATA disk support in both places.

Or rather than duplicating the menu items for the same options, split
the SCSI high-level options out into a top-level menu and adjust the
wording of the prompts.

(top level)
menu "Storage (core and SCSI commands)"
config SCSI
tristate "Storage support (core and SCSI commands)"
config BLK_DEV_SD
tristate "Harddisks and other Direct access devices"
config CHR_DEV_ST
tristate "Tape drives"
tristate "SCSI OnStream SC-x0 tape support"
config BLK_DEV_SR
tristate "CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs"

menu "Device Drivers"
menu "SCSI device support"
config SCSI_TGT
menu "SCSI Transports"
menuconfig SCSI_LOWLEVEL
bool "SCSI low-level drivers"

Stefan Richter
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