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SubjectRe: [announce] CFS-devel, performance improvements

On Fri, 14 Sep 2007, Willy Tarreau wrote:

> On Aug 10th, I was disappointed to see that you still had not provided
> the critical information that Ingo had been asking to you for 9 days
> (cfs-sched-debug output). Your motivations in this work started to
> become a bit fuzzy to me, since people who behave like this generally
> do so to get all the lights on them and you really don't need this.
> Your explanation was kind of "show me yours and only then I'll show
> you mine". Pretty childish but you finally sent that long-requested
> information.

Well, I admit it was rather fruitless attempt to get some information out
of Ingo, but I only did it _once_.
The problem is that the flow of informations hasn't improved since, later
I actually answered his questions, but my information requests still go to

> I'm now fairly convinced that you're not seeking credits either. There
> are more credits to your name per line of patch here than there is in
> your own code in the kernel. That complaint does not stand by itself.
> In fact, I'm beginning to think that you're like a cat who has found a mouse.
> Why kill it if you can play with it ? Each of your "will I get a response"
> are just like a small kick in the mouse's back to make it move. But by dint
> of doing this, you're slowly pushing the mouse to the door where it risks
> to escape from you, and you're losing your toy.

Getting credit is indeed not really that important to me, but apparently
some lousy credit notes is the only way to get any kind of
I want to get more attention, but not in a way you suspect. I don't think
that a mouse is a really good analogy, is he really that defenseless?
All I want is to be taken a bit more seriously, the communication aspect I
mentioned is really important. From my perspective Ingo is somewhere up on
his pedestal and I have to scream to get any kind of attention.

I skip the rest of the mail, it's one big attempt trying to prove that I'm
dishonest, but you only look at the issue from one side and thus making it
yourself very easy.

bye, Roman
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