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SubjectRe: Calling PnP bios routines like get device node from x86_64 arch
Hi Alan,

To be specific I want to call the function 0x60 ,0x61 and few more
specified in the BBS specification (attached). These functions or alive
in 16 bit mode (0xf000 segment)
We can call this functions in i386 using the pnpbios driver
(bioscalls.c). I must call this functions to change the boot order and
reboot from linux x86_64 using my driver.
I have seen in some forum that we can off the ACPI during the linux boot.

Can you help on this?

Alan Cox wrote:
>> Actually I want to call the BIOS run time functions as per the
>> PNPBIOSSpecification-v1.0a (attached).
> We use ACPI for x86_64, which means you need to use the ACPI methods not
> the PnPBIOS ones. PnPBIOS isn't valid when ACPI is in use.
> Alan

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