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SubjectRe: [PATCH] v3 of IBM power meter driver

On 9/11/2007, "Mark M. Hoffman" <> wrote:
>* Darrick J. Wong <> [2007-08-28 16:25:05 -0700]:
>> --- a/drivers/hwmon/Kconfig
>> +++ b/drivers/hwmon/Kconfig
>> @@ -275,6 +275,18 @@ config SENSORS_CORETEMP
>> sensor inside your CPU. Supported all are all known variants
>> of Intel Core family.
>> + tristate "IBM PowerExecutive temperature/power sensors"
>> + depends on IPMI_SI
> Open question: can we use "select" here? As written, it took some hunting
> to even get this driver to show up as an option in menuconfig.

My 2 cents: I assume that people who have IPMI-capable hardware are aware
that they do. Thus, if you change the above to "select IPMI_SI", you
probably want to add "depends on IPMI_HANDLER" (not sure why it's not
just named CONFIG_IPMI).

Jean Delvare
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