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SubjectRe: [-mm patch] unexport sys_{open,read}
On Sun, Sep 09, 2007 at 02:59:40PM -0700, Andrew Morton wrote:
> Sure. But I think it is better to give people some warning when we're
> planning on breaking out-of-tree things. I do occasionally receive reports
> of "hey, the X driver which I get from Y doesn't work any more". Often
> it's open-source stuff, too. I see no point in irritating our users more than
> we need to.

There is no fucking reason they should have used it in the first place.
Until we have something like a coherent export API instead of random crap
exported because someone once needed it to do a dumb thing it'll happen.
Only way to avoid it is to merge the driver and shake out their dumb ideas
in the review process.

> Adrian knows this, yet he habitually sends zero-warning export-removal
> patches and I habitually ignore them. I guess we must both enjoy this or
> something.

And I think almost everyone disagrees with you. We just carry too much
crap around because of your subborness in this issue, and it gets really
annoying to have some high up on the food chain fighting his longly flight
against the other people.
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