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SubjectRe: ATA over ethernet swapping

> I've been working on this for quite some time. And should post again
> soon. Please see the patches:
> For now it requires one uses SLUB, I hope that SLAB will go away (will
> save me the trouble of adding support) and I guess I ought to do SLOB
> some time (if that does stay).
> You'd need the first 22 patches of that series, and then call
> sk_set_memalloc(sk) on the proper socket, and do some fiddling with the
> reconnect logic. See nfs-swapfile.patch for examples.

What do you use for testing? I set up ata over ethernet... swapping
over that should deadlock w/o your patches.

But I'm able to compile kernel (-j 10) on 128MB machine, and I tried
cat /dev/zero | grep foo to exhaust memory... and could not reproduce
the deadlock. Should I pingflood? Tweak down ammount of atomic memory
avaialable to make deadlocks easier to reproduce?
(cesky, pictures)
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