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    SubjectEFI e820 map handling


    I thought a bit about the zero page problem. I really would prefer to not
    having it used in a boot loader right now because it's not extensible anymore
    when external users start (ab)using it.

    When I asked for separate EFI->e820 functions I was really thinking
    of the kernel to do the conversion; not the boot loader.

    Could you move that code into the kernel early boot code please?
    e.g. on x86-64 it could be in head64.c. It could stuff the result
    into the zero page to pass it cleanly on without special cases later.

    On i386 a head32.c that runs before start_kernel() could be also
    introduced for this.

    As long as it's localized there it is fine.

    This would also allow to define new private e820 types and extend
    the string decoding in e820; so that dmesg will correctly contain

    EFI: ....

    instead of

    BIOS-e820: ...



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