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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC] RDMA/CMA: Allocate PS_TCP ports from the host TCP port space.

Evgeniy Polyakov wrote:
> Hi Steve.
> On Tue, Aug 07, 2007 at 09:37:41AM -0500, Steve Wise ( wrote:
>> +static int cma_get_tcp_port(struct rdma_id_private *id_priv)
>> +{
>> + int ret;
>> + struct socket *sock;
>> +
>> + ret = sock_create_kern(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, IPPROTO_TCP, &sock);
>> + if (ret)
>> + return ret;
>> + ret = sock->ops->bind(sock,
>> + (struct socketaddr
>> *)&id_priv->id.route.addr.src_addr,
>> + ip_addr_size(&id_priv->id.route.addr.src_addr));
> If get away from talks about broken offloading, this one will result in
> the case, when usual network dataflow can enter private rdma land, i.e.
> after bind succeeded this socket is accessible via any other network
> device. Is it inteded?
> And this is quite noticeble overhead per rdma connection, btw.

I'm not sure I understand your question? What do you mean by
"accessible"? The intention is to _just_ reserve the addr/port.
The socket struct alloc and bind was a simple way to do this. I
assume we'll have to come up with a better way though.
Namely provide a low level interface to the port space allocator
allowing both rdma and the host tcp stack to share the space without
requiring a socket struct for rdma connections.

Or maybe we'll come up a different and better solution to this issue...

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