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SubjectRe: [PATCH] SCTP: IPv4 mapped addr not returned in SCTPv6 accept()
Vlad Yasevich writes:
> Ok. First, this is a different bug, so I would prefer a separate patch.
> Also, I see the problem and it's ugly, but this solution is not really correct,
> both conceptually and code wise.
> Conceptually, the v4 code should never worry about V4-mapped addresses and shouldn't
> muck with them. They are IPv6 addresses and there should be a clean separation.
> Code wise, the code in the __sctp_connect() is terrible.
> Does the attached patch work for you in this case.

Sorry about the confusion before, your patch to __sctp_connect()
fixes calls to getpeername() after connect() just fine.

I'll post a patch for the accept()/getpeername() case in a bit.

Acked-by: Dave Johnson <>

Dave Johnson
Starent Networks

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