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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/23] per device dirty throttling -v8

    * Diego Calleja <> wrote:

    > > Measurements show that noatime helps 20-30% on regular desktop
    > > workloads, easily 50% for kernel builds and much more than that (in
    > > excess of 100%) for file-read-intense workloads. We cannot just walk
    > And as everybody knows in servers is a popular practice to disable it.
    > According to an interview to the admins....

    yeah - but i'd be surprised if more than 1% of all Linux servers out
    there had noatime.

    > "Beyond that, Peter noted, "very little fancy is going on, and that is
    > good because fancy is hard to maintain." He explained that the only
    > fancy thing being done is that all filesystems are mounted noatime
    > meaning that the system doesn't have to make writes to the filesystem
    > for files which are simply being read, "that cut the load average in
    > half."

    nice quote :-)

    > I bet that some people would consider such performance hit a bug...


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