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    SubjectRe: high system cpu load during intense disk i/o
    > Hello again,
    > was my report so complicated? Perhaps I shouldn't have included so many
    > oprofile outputs. Anyway, if anyone wants to have a look, the most important
    > is two_discs_bad.txt oprofile output, attached on my original message. The
    > problem is 100% reproducible for me so I would appreciate if anyone told me
    > he has similar experiences.
    Probably nobody replied to Your message because people at this list think
    that Your problem isn't kernel related. In this moment I'm using "Arch Linux"
    too, so I checked /etc/cron directory. There simple jobs You are talking
    about are not so simple:
    - update the "locate" database,
    - update the "whatis" database.
    Both jobs are scaning "/" partition. I don't know how dcron works, but I can
    imagine situation in which it is polling cron.daily and says: "hey it wasn't
    done today yet" and it is starting same jobs over and over again. More
    and more tasks scans the "/" partition and in result access is slower and
    > Thanks,
    > Dimitris
    Let me know if I'm wrong

    Zmien konto na takie o nieograniczonej pojemnosci.
    Za darmo w INTERIA.PL


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