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    SubjectRe: high system cpu load during intense disk i/o
    Hello again,

    was my report so complicated? Perhaps I shouldn't have included so many
    oprofile outputs. Anyway, if anyone wants to have a look, the most important
    is two_discs_bad.txt oprofile output, attached on my original message. The
    problem is 100% reproducible for me so I would appreciate if anyone told me
    he has similar experiences.


    On Friday 03 August 2007 19:03:09 Dimitrios Apostolou wrote:
    > Hello list,
    > I have a P3, 256MB RAM system with 3 IDE disks attached, 2 identical
    > ones as hda and hdc (primary and secondary master), and the disc with
    > the OS partitions as primary slave hdb. For more info please refer to
    > the attached dmesg.txt. I attach several oprofile outputs that describe
    > various circumstances referenced later. The script I used to get them is
    > the attached
    > The problem was encountered when I started two processes doing heavy I/O
    > on hda and hdc, "badblocks -v -w /dev/hda" and "badblocks -v -w
    > /dev/hdc". At the beginning (two_discs.txt) everything was fine and
    > vmstat reported more than 90% iowait CPU load. However, after a while
    > (two_discs_bad.txt) that some cron jobs kicked in, the image changed
    > completely: the cpu load was now about 60% system, and the rest was user
    > cpu load possibly going to the simple cron jobs.
    > Even though under normal circumstances (for example when running
    > badblocks on only one disc (one_disc.txt)) the cron jobs finish almost
    > instantaneously, this time they were simply never ending and every 10
    > minutes or so more and more jobs were being added to the process table.
    > One day later, the vmstat still reports about 60/40 system/user cpu load,
    > all processes still run (hundreds of them), and the load average is huge!
    > Another day later the OOM killer kicks in and kills various processes,
    > however never touches any badblocks process. Indeed, manually suspending
    > one badblocks process remedies the situation: within some seconds the
    > process table is cleared from cron jobs, cpu usage is back to 2-3% user
    > and ~90% iowait and the system is normally responsive again. This
    > happens no matter which badblocks process I suspend, being hda or hdc.
    > Any ideas about what could be wrong? I should note that the kernel is my
    > distro's default. As the problem seems to be scheduler specific I didn't
    > bother to compile a vanilla kernel, since the applied patches seem
    > irrelevant:
    > Thank in advance,
    > Dimitris
    > P.S.1: Please CC me directly as I'm not subscribed
    > P.S.2: Keep in mind that the problematic oprofile outputs probably refer
    > to much longer time than 5 sec, since due to high load the script was
    > taking long to complete.
    > P.S.3: I couldn't find anywhere in kernel documentation that setting
    > nmi_watchdog=0 is neccessary for oprofile to work correctly. However,
    > Documentation/nmi_watchdog.txt mentions that oprofile should disable the
    > nmi_watchdog automatically, which doesn't happen with the latest kernel.

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