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SubjectRe: ALPS touchpad with new Dell not recognised
On Sat, Aug 04, 2007 at 10:15:54PM +1000, William Pettersson wrote:
> Hi LKML,
> Thanks to Vojtech for some advice, I finally got something happening
> with this. Turns out I had to add support for a new model in alps.c,
> the attached file does this successfully for my laptop. It'd be nice to
> have others test it, but I am yet to find anyone else who has this same
> laptop, with the same mouse issues I have.
> With this patch, I now get a functioning touchpad, including side
> scrolling, circle scrolling, corner taps etc. However, I did have to
> ramp the configuration numbers up significantly from my old Thinkpad
> with its synaptics touchpad. Minspeed is now 0.8 and maxspeed is 10.
> Also the VertScrollDelta is 10. I don't know whether these numbers are
> crazy high, or just normal for the Alps though.

ALPS pads have different resolution to Synaptics ones, so need different
default configuration. If you use the git version of the Xorg Synaptics
driver then it'll automatically configure itself based on information
from the kernel.

Matthew Garrett |
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