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    SubjectRe: ICH8 CF timeout (regression)...
    Daniel J Blueman wrote:
    > Tejun,
    > On 03/08/07, Tejun Heo <> wrote:
    >> Daniel J Blueman wrote:
    >>> The ICH8 south-bridge I have is the mobile variant and does come
    >>> equipped with native parallel IDE - see page 447:
    >>> . I do
    >>> see 35MB/s with DMA enabled from my CF on the 1 in 15 times the
    >>> libata-kernel does work.
    >>> I can dump off and decode the configuration registers for the timing
    >>> and bus master registers in the working and non-working libata cases,
    >>> and the legacy ATA working case and see what's different.
    >> Does the attached patch change anything?
    > This addresses the issue 100%!
    > Due to the differences between the ICH8 non-mobile and mobile
    > variants, I've cooked the change into a new initialisation structure
    > for the ICH8M in the attached patch, if that helps at all.
    > The changes thus affect (correct) behaviour on the ICH8M in IDE mode
    > should be safe for inclusion. There may be a similar
    > situation with ICH9Ms also.

    [cc'ing Kristen, hello]

    I think [P0 P2 IDE IDE] is correct for MAP 01b but can't find anything
    about it in the datasheet or spec update. Kristen, can you please
    verify this. The following bug is also fixed by using [P0 P2 IDE IDE].


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