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    SubjectRe: CFS review
    Rene Herman [2007-08-30 09:05]:
    > On 08/29/2007 09:56 PM, Rene Herman wrote:
    > Realised the BUGs may mean the kernel DRM people could want to be in CC...
    > > On 08/29/2007 05:57 PM, Keith Packard wrote:
    > >
    > >> With X server 1.3, I'm getting consistent crashes with two glxgear
    > >> instances running. So, if you're getting any output, it's better than my
    > >> situation.
    > >
    > > Before people focuss on software rendering too much -- also with 1.3.0
    > > (and a Matrox Millenium G550 AGP, 32M) glxgears also works decidedly
    > > crummy using hardware rendering. While I can move the glxgears window
    > > itself, the actual spinning wheels stay in the upper-left corner of the
    > > screen and the movement leaves a non-repainting trace on the screen.

    This sounds like you're running an older version of Mesa.
    The bugfix went into Mesa 6.3 and 7.0.

    > > Running a second instance of glxgears in addition seems to make both
    > > instances unkillable -- and when I just now forcefully killed X in this
    > > situation (the spinning wheels were covering the upper left corner of all
    > > my desktops) I got the below.

    Running two instances of glxgears and killing them works for me, too.

    I'm using xorg-server, Mesa 7.0.1 with the latest DRM bits from;a=summary

    I'm not running CFS though, but I guess the oops wasn't related to that.


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