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SubjectLinux 2.6.23-rc2

So I tried to hold people to the merge window, and said no to a few pull
requests, but this whole "-rc2 is the new -rc1" thing is a disease, and
not only is -rc2 late, it's bigger than it should be. Oh, well.

A lot of the changes are small, and a lot of them really are fixes, but
there's a MIPS merge in there too, and some absolutely _huge_ diffs due to
some drivers undergoing Lindent cleanups (28 _thousand_ lines changes in
advansys.c, and the PNP files got Lindented too, although those weren't
nearly as big).

But if you ignore the Lindent changes, the MIPS merge, the lguest
documentation updates, and the MPT fusion driver changes, and the
removal of the broken arm26 support, the rest of the changes really aren't
that big.

But there's still a lot of those mostly small things all over. And the
ShortLog is too large to post. But the full log along with the customary
tar-balls and patches are out there on And as usual, the git
tree gives you the goods if you just do

git shortlog v2.6.23-rc1..

(the most interesting statistic from there is that we apparently had more
than 250 people involved in just the -rc1 to -rc2 timeframe. Impressively
spread out, in other words)

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