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Subject[RFC] 9p Virtualization Transports
This patch set contains a set of virtualization transports for the 9p file
system intended to provide a mechanism for guests to access a portion of the
hosts name space without having to go through a virtualized network.

Shared memory based transports are provided for lguest using a variation of
the lguest console code and for KVM using a synthetic PCI device. The patches
to the qemu portion of the latter will be posted to the kvm-devel list later

Also provided is a much older hack implementation which was used on XenPPC to
communicated between Dom0 and DomU as part of the PROSE
( and Libra projects. It is not our intent
to push the Xen shared memory transport into the kernel, but we are providing
it in this patch-set for historical reference.

The lguest and kvm transports are functional, but we are still working out
remaining bugs and need to spend some time focusing on performance issues.
I wanted to send out this "preview" patch set to the community to solicit
ideas on things we can do differently/better.


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