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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fix maxcpus=N parsing

On Mon, 27 Aug 2007, Hugh Dickins wrote:
> Fix 61ec7567db103d537329b0db9a887db570431ff4: maxcpus=N is now having no
> ...

On a totally unrelated issue:

While looking at the history in gitk and gitweb etc shows these commit
ID's as nice hyperlinks, I really think it's nicer for everybody if the
commit is also described with its "headline", so that non-git users (or
even git users, when just using "git log" or similar) at least can grep or
google for it.

So when writing descriptions, I would prefer it if people wrote them
something like

Commit 61ec7567db103d537329b0db9a887db570431ff4 ('ACPI: boot correctly
with "nosmp" or "maxcpus=0"') broke maxcpus parsing on x86[-64] ...

so that it gets both the exact commit naming and the nice hyperlinks where
appropriate *and* it ends up being more useful even without the links.

Yes, it's redundant information, but since we have the useful one-line
descriptions, it's generally a good idea. And I really do think that it
tends to make the explanations read better too.

For example, in this example, I think it really made it more clear what
kind of change had caused the breakage. Maybe that's not always true, but
I suspect it's true most of the time.

I'll fix it up manually (I often do), but I thought I'd just mention this
stylistic issue.

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