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SubjectLinux Foundation Technical Advisory Board Elections
The elections for five of the ten members of the Linux Foundation
Technical Advisory Board[TAB] are held every year, currently the
election will be at the 2007 Kernel Summit in a BOF session.

Anyone is eligible to stand for election, simply send your nomination

Only people invited to the kernel summit will be there in person (and
therefore able to vote), but if you cannot attend, your nomination email
will be read out before the voting begins.

We currently have Three nominees:

Arjan van de Ven <>
Greg Kroah Hartman <>
Christoph Lameter <>

The deadline for receiving nominations is up until the BOF where the
election is held (on the evening of either the 5th or 6th of September.
Although, please remember if you're not going to be present that things
go wrong with both networks and mailing lists, so get your nomination in

James Bottomley (TAB Chair)

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