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SubjectRe: RFC: drop support for gcc < 4.0
On 8/21/07, Segher Boessenkool <> wrote:
> > Last time I tried a mips build, it would fail the compile unless I was
> > using _exactly_ 3.4.4 (I didn't tried older versions, but did try
> > 3.4.6, for ex.).
> If 3.4.4 works where 3.4.6 doesn't, you should report this as a
> bug; either here, or to the GCC team (but please be aware that the
> 3.4 series isn't supported anymore), or to whoever built that
> compiler for you.

I didn't bothered reporting it here because linux-mips website quotes
explicitly the dependency on 3.4.4. So at least, I imagined they are
aware of it. (And as you said, no point in reporting it to gcc...)

> > So I also think the 3.4 series will still have to be
> > around for a while.
> Huh? 3.4 doesn't work for you, so that's why it should stay
> a supported compiler?

3.4.4 does. anyway, by this phrase, I only meant: "Dropping support
for 3.4 series won't help in this case"

Glauber de Oliveira Costa.
"Free as in Freedom"

"The less confident you are, the more serious you have to act."
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