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Subject[PATCHSET] Sysfs cleanups from Eric W. Biederman
Hello, all.

This is subset of Eric W. Biederman's "Sysfs cleanups & tagged
directory support" patchset[1] with the following modifications.

* fix-i_mutex-locking-in-sysfs_get_dentry patch is added at the top
and #14-Don_t-use-lookup_one_len_kern and
#15-vfs-Remove-lookup_one_len_kern are dropped. This is because #14
contained had a bug where it might created dentry/inode for an
already deleted sysfs_dirent. I think it's benefitial to keep
single lookup path.

* Rewrote simplify-sysfs_get_dentry patch and
#09-Move-sysfs_get_dentry-below-__sysfs_get_dentry and
#10-Rewrite-sysfs_get_dentry-in-terms-of-__sysfs_get_dentry are
omitted as __sysfs_get_dentry() isn't used by anyone.

* #16, 19-25 are omitted as it isn't clear yet how the tagged entry
support will end up.

* readdir simplification fixed.

* sysfs_mutex double locking fixed.

The patchset is on top of the current -gregkh.




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