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    SubjectRe: VIA EPIA EK: strange eth dev numbering
    > Strange or not, correct or not - depends on the point of view.
    > The key word here is "udev" - check your udev rules. Since some time
    > ago udev on some distros comes with rules to give persistent device
    > names for network interfaces. Some time ago you had eth0 and eth1
    > with different hardware, and udev remembered this fact somewhere.
    > Now it sees new hardware, and gives it consecutive numbers, renaming
    > kernel devices.

    hu. where are the days when eth0 was eth0 ...

    this means that, when I exchange a network card and replace it with a
    new one, it will cost an "ethX" device name each time.

    FYI, distribution is latest Gentoo.

    as a friend of mine puts it:

    "Haha das is geil, das is wie bei Windows"
    "Wo er merkt, dass du ein neues Mainboard hast :)"

    which translates:

    "Haha, that's randy, that's like in Windows, which
    notices that you've got a new mainboard"

    Bad, bad Ferdl! How dare you compare this to M$Windows ;-)

    well, Michael, thanks for the help,

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