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SubjectRe: ck vs. cfs : realtime audio performance

* Carlo Florendo <> wrote:

>>>> With CFS I also experienced XRUNS from time to time, what never
>>>> happened with ck.
> See, this is exactly the problem of the SD ranters. A ranter posts a
> problem, doesn't give reproducability hints, and neither provides
> technical detail, not even the slightest relevant stats. And the most
> irritating part is that the code that the OP wrote (or at least its
> relevant parts) is not even available for download.

actually, there was no "SD ranting" going on at all. Klaus reported a
problem, Martin forwarded it to me, i replied to it and Klaus gave me
lots of debug info in a very professional way. So please calm down and
lets get back to the tech topics, ok? (and i'd like to apologize here to
Karl and Martin for the rough and unjust treatment they received on

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