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SubjectRe: VIA EPIA EK: strange eth dev numbering

On Aug 2 2007 17:07, Michael Tokarev wrote:
>Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>> On Aug 2 2007 12:56, Herbert Rosmanith wrote:
>>>> On Aug 2 2007 12:42, Herbert Rosmanith wrote:
>>>> There never *were* days when eth0 remained eth0 across such changes.
>>> but there *were* days when eth0 was eth0, if the kernel reports it as such.
>>> now there is no eth0 at all. if I see an "eth0" from dmesg, I expect
>>> it to be present.
>> Wait, you forget that something may change the name. That dmesg message
>> from 1 second ago does not need to be valid anymore, just as anything
>> else in this world.
>That was my argument - there should be no way to *change* the name, but
>to give an alias(es) - entirely different thing.

Ah, in that case, make the kernel print the PCI-ID instead of the name.
(Or perhaps both together.)

As for userspace, you are free to do whatever you find most useful.

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