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SubjectRe: [PATCH 002 of 5] Replace bio_data with blk_rq_data
On Thursday August 16, wrote:
> > 2 and 3 are very simple changes that - I think - make it clearer what
> > is happening.
> To be honest, I don't see much win in using blk_rq_data() over
> bio_data() at all. I'd much much rather just see it go away!

Well, as it is always the data at the (current) head of the request...

But I can make it go a way if you like.. What does it become?
bvec_kmap ??

> > And I felt 5 was a sufficient improvement to justify it and 4...
> 5 is nice, I would like to apply that :-)

OK, here comes '5' at the top of a small set of patches. Take it and
any of the following that you like.

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