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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] [1/2many] - FInd the maintainer(s) for a patch - scripts/

    I don't recall discusion about this so here are my 3 cents:

    I like the idea. The numerous responses you got that you made a mistake
    and someone else is the maintainer just prove that this kind of information would
    be nice to have. Even if it is not going to be included in mainline it is still
    nice to have around as a patchset or sth. Personally I often run into trouble finding
    right person to CC on patches.

    I get the feeling that only the maintainers themselves + a few old geeks here know
    who is maintaining what (and which file) ;-) But maybe it's just me.

    The rest is as people say. These ~550 patches without 'in reply to' is a nightmare.


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