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    SubjectRe: menuconfig should wrap long lines
    Jan Engelhardt wrote:
    >> Ohh, you can scroll right/left.
    > But still, that takes its time... and the you have to scroll back again :-/

    Yes, but in most cases no scrolling is neccessary, so occasional
    scrolling is not that bad. However, I found some long prompts are
    clipped, too, and there you can not scroll because <left>/<right>
    switches between <Select>, <Exit> and <Help>. The complete prompt
    can be found in the help screen with scrolling. E.g.:

    │ │ <M> DiskOnChip 2000, Millennium and Millennium Plus (NAND
    reimp│ │

    │ Prompt: DiskOnChip 2000, Millennium and Millennium Plus (NAND
    reimplementation) (EXPERIMENTAL) │

    Again, most prompts are sufficiently readable on an 80 character


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