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    SubjectRe: + sysctl-error-on-bad-sysctl-tables.patch added to -mm tree
    On Thu, Aug 09, 2007 at 03:11:50PM -0700, wrote:
    > Subject: sysctl: Error on bad sysctl tables
    > From: Eric W. Biederman <>
    > After going through the kernels sysctl tables several times it has become
    > clear that code review and testing is just not effective in prevent
    > problematic sysctl tables from being used in the stable kernel. I certainly
    > can't seem to fix the problems as fast as they are introduced.
    > Therefore this patch adds sysctl_check_table which is called when a sysctl
    > table is registered and checks to see if we have a problematic sysctl table.
    > The biggest part of the code is the table of valid binary sysctl entries, but
    > since we have frozen our set of binary sysctls this table should not need to
    > change, and it makes it much easier to detect when someone unintentionally
    > adds a new binary sysctl value.
    > As best as I can determine all of the several hundred errors spewed on boot up
    > now are legitimate.

    It gives false positive on

    sysctl table check failed: /kernel/pty/nr .1.62.2 No data

    However, ->data is set in unix98_pty_init().

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