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SubjectProcess stuck in md wakeup thread
On 2.6.22 from debian (stock), I have a process (dpkg) stuck with the following

SysRq : Show Blocked State

free sibling
task PC stack pid father child younger older
dpkg D 00000003 0 26040 20765 (NOTLB)
e57d5e30 00200082 00000000 00000003 dfc48ba8 00000000 dfc48ba8 00000000
00000007 e0af45c0 e8ce17aa 0002827f 00051ec2 e0af46cc c1809980 00000000
e8ce1324 0002827f 00200082 f881cd4c 00200286 f8ba2c85 c1809980 e57d5e60
Call Trace:
[<f881cd4c>] md_wakeup_thread+0x26/0x28 [md_mod]
[<f8ba2c85>] raid5_unplug_device+0x4e/0x5a [raid456]
[<c02a786e>] io_schedule+0x1d/0x27
[<c014f3c5>] sync_page+0x0/0x3b
[<c014f3fd>] sync_page+0x38/0x3b
[<c02a7a6f>] __wait_on_bit_lock+0x2a/0x52
[<c014f3b7>] __lock_page+0x58/0x5e
[<c01333aa>] wake_bit_function+0x0/0x3c
[<c0155daa>] truncate_inode_pages_range+0x201/0x256
[<c0155e16>] truncate_inode_pages+0x17/0x1a
[<f8c867eb>] reiserfs_delete_inode+0x36/0xdd [reiserfs]
[<f8c867b5>] reiserfs_delete_inode+0x0/0xdd [reiserfs]
[<c017acc5>] generic_delete_inode+0xa0/0x105
[<c017a4ad>] iput+0x60/0x62
[<c0172f41>] do_unlinkat+0xb6/0x126
[<c0103d7e>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb

My system is still up and running.

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