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SubjectRe: EFI e820 map handling
On 8/9/07, Andi Kleen <> wrote:
> Hallo,
> I thought a bit about the zero page problem. I really would prefer to not
> having it used in a boot loader right now because it's not extensible anymore
> when external users start (ab)using it.
> When I asked for separate EFI->e820 functions I was really thinking
> of the kernel to do the conversion; not the boot loader.
> Could you move that code into the kernel early boot code please?
> e.g. on x86-64 it could be in head64.c. It could stuff the result
> into the zero page to pass it cleanly on without special cases later.
> On i386 a head32.c that runs before start_kernel() could be also
> introduced for this.
> As long as it's localized there it is fine.
> This would also allow to define new private e820 types and extend
> the string decoding in e820; so that dmesg will correctly contain
> EFI: ....
> instead of
> BIOS-e820: ...

How about elilo to load freebsd or opensolaris?

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