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SubjectRe: 2.6.23-rc1-mm2
On 8/1/07, Paul Mundt <> wrote:
> The generic code has a better chance of being merged if it actually works
> at least and doesn't break every platform out there that has an existing
> stub. It offers quite a bit of new functionality and does clean things up
> a bit, so it would certainly be nice to get things to use that, rather
> than having to duplicate all of this crap in the architectures. If it's
> not going to be merged, everyone will of course continue using the
> existing in-tree stubs (sh, ppc, etc.).

ok, ive opened a tracker on our site for this

> It's generally advantageous to get these things working on your
> architecture _before_ things are merged however, as it's one less thing
> to catch up on after the fact. It also helps to figure out if there are
> issues with the current implementation by trying it out on your platform
> in advance, it's a lot more work to push back against it once it's
> already merged.

of course ... but if there isnt a serious chance of this being merged,
then it isnt in our (Blackfin's) interest to investigate it since our
current solution seems to be chugging alone fine
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