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SubjectRe: Profiling the Kernel
On 8/1/07, Mohamed Bamakhrama <> wrote:
> Hi *,
> I have a question regarding profiling the Linux kernel code during
> runtime (by "profile", I mean the usage of each function/module within
> the kernel itself). I googled and found many "system-wide" profiler
> such as sysprof, Oprofile, etc... I am working on an embedded system
> project and currently we are using an on-chip debugger which
> interfaces with the system through EJTAG port. All what it can provide
> is just a "uniform sampling" of the kernel code usage and according to
> the manufacturer, it is not a safe way to determine the "hot spots"
> within the kernel. Does anyone know about any hardware/software tool
> that can provide a "good" profile of the kernel code usage?

Oprofile can do what you want, check the docs and google.

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