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SubjectRe: [BUG] Linux 2.6.22 - Atomic counter underflow in NFS

On Wed, 1 Aug 2007, Chris Rankin wrote:

> --- Satyam Sharma <> wrote:
> > I expect this is easy to reproduce at will (when shutting down nfs
> > services, probably), right?
> I'm not sure about the "at will" part because this is the first time I've seen it since 2.6.22 was
> released. However, I was upgrading my Fedora 7 nfs-utils package at the time so it probably did
> happen when the NFS service was being shut down.

Hmm, the backtrace suggests it should be reproducible fairly frequently.

> > Please try the latest mainline -git kernel (say 2.6.23-rc1-git10 from
> > and let us know if this still occurs? There were some fixes
> > regarding sysfs symlink refcounting that went in recently, and this looks
> > like one of those cases to me.
> Do you have the actual patches instead?

I was thinking maybe this one:

The kref_put() there happens on the sysfs_remove_link() path, and the
patch above fixed an extra put() during create_link(), which lead to
the final put() during remove_link() being what causes this underflow.
However, a lot changed in sysfs in the past few months, and I'm not
really sure that patch would apply cleanly. Hence, if you can try with
the latest -git ...

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