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SubjectRe: Update: ACPI problems: 2.6.22-git17 working, 2.6.23-rc1* is not: (was ide not working)


Redid git bisect from start:

git bisect log
git-bisect start
# good: [098fd16f00005f665d3baa7e682d8cb3d7c0fe6f] Linux 2.6.22
git-bisect good 098fd16f00005f665d3baa7e682d8cb3d7c0fe6f
# good: [098fd16f00005f665d3baa7e682d8cb3d7c0fe6f] Linux 2.6.22
git-bisect good 098fd16f00005f665d3baa7e682d8cb3d7c0fe6f
# bad: [7d57c74238cdf570bca20b711b2c0b31a553c1e5] Linux 2.6.23-rc1
git-bisect bad 7d57c74238cdf570bca20b711b2c0b31a553c1e5
# good: [1f1c2881f673671539b25686df463518d69c4649] Merge branch
# 'upstream-linus' of
git-bisect good 1f1c2881f673671539b25686df463518d69c4649
# good: [5b7f13bd26a0c1d394a1a1f2bb6de5130c3a3843] coda: update module
# information
git-bisect good 5b7f13bd26a0c1d394a1a1f2bb6de5130c3a3843
# good: [74889e41d9a1f80928130a02af9b010673bc5ba7] [CELL] cbe_cpufreq:
# reorganize code
git-bisect good 74889e41d9a1f80928130a02af9b010673bc5ba7
# good: [bdda1561ffda764583a295229db66d94cf6038a3] x86_64: x86_64 - Use
# non locked version for local_cmpxchg()
git-bisect good bdda1561ffda764583a295229db66d94cf6038a3
# bad: [d7f5e3df3574c6e38b99f5fe22f15540b2b9811d] Merge branch
# 'for-linus' of git://
git-bisect bad d7f5e3df3574c6e38b99f5fe22f15540b2b9811d
# bad: [08e31686d6d119ba26bf0690f5f872f6f5bd1a97] Pull thinkpad into
# release branch
git-bisect bad 08e31686d6d119ba26bf0690f5f872f6f5bd1a97
# bad: [f79e3185dd0f8650022518d7624c876d8929061b] Pull misc into release
# branch
git-bisect bad f79e3185dd0f8650022518d7624c876d8929061b
# good: [22aadf8a07067644e101267ed5003043f2ad05bf] Pull bugzilla-7880
# into release branch
git-bisect good 22aadf8a07067644e101267ed5003043f2ad05bf
# good: [e8b495fe09bc793ae26774e7b2667f7f658d56e2] Pull dock-bay into
# release branch
git-bisect good e8b495fe09bc793ae26774e7b2667f7f658d56e2
# good: [18eab8550397f1f3d4b8b2c5257c88dae25d58ed] ACPI: Enable C3 even
# when PM2_control is zero
git-bisect good 18eab8550397f1f3d4b8b2c5257c88dae25d58ed
# good: [7a9b9068b8c7b526894904c0b9b90354825b8fbd] ACPI: update
# feature-removal-schedule.txt, /sys/firmware/acpi/namespace is gone
git-bisect good 7a9b9068b8c7b526894904c0b9b90354825b8fbd
# good: [8b8eb7d8cfc6cd95ed00cd58754e8493322505bd] ACPI: update ACPI
# proc I/F removal schedule
git-bisect good 8b8eb7d8cfc6cd95ed00cd58754e8493322505bd

f79e3185dd0f8650022518d7624c876d8929061b is first bad commit

I will store this particular firewall setup friday (will go into storage
for 2 months), if somebody would like more info, me to try something,
please send it to me asap.

Thanks for looking at this.

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