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SubjectExamine user space locks

sometimes user space program hangs forever.
In old days i remeber there was unkillable dosemu.
May be there are good how to. Some one can point to it?

This is problem/solution isn't related to current kernel. This
is question: what to do in this sitaution.

Now i have eject(1)

$ ps uax | grep eject
root 12662 0.0 0.0 1528 560 ? D Jul31 0:00 eject
root 12866 0.0 0.0 1532 560 pts/10 D Jul31 0:00 eject
$ date
Wed Aug 1 21:56:59 EEST 2007

That same eject worked on that same hardware and kernel before.

# strace -p 12662
Process 12662 attached - interrupt to quit

dosn't show which syscall is called.

kill -9 12662 doesn't help to.

No ops, no other info in dmesg.

How to find problem? How to kill/stop proces without reboot?
How to find which lock is taken by kernel to complete user space

kernel: 2.6.17-gentoo-r4-20061014-00

Thanks for any hints.

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