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SubjectRe: Gericom Webboy Laptop Mouse/Touchpad
First of all, thanks for the quick response.

> Or maybe run oprofile to try to figure out any abnormal system load?

> vmstat may provide some initial information as to what kind of activity
> exactly causes this issue.
I'm sorry. I'm not familar with those applications to get any useful
information out of them. Any quick information on what i should be doing
with it would be appreciated.

> Hmm, I'm pondering what I'd do here...
> Could it be that you're using the "old" IDE layer (not libata yet) and
> hdparm -u or -d or -c is inconveniently set up?

> Try configuring a different CONFIG_HZ?

> And did you try running a "barebone"-only configuration? Possibly some
> certain driver is causing this misbehaviour...
I'm already keeping the config as clean and minimal as i can imagine.

Anyway... I recompiled the kernel ( now) with pure libata,
CONFIG_HZ to 1000 (instead of 250). No effect yet.

> Or maybe it's a simple scheduling issue again?
> What nice value do you run at?
I'm using the default niceness which should be 10 no? I'm not re-nicing
X if that was the question.

> In this context it would be good to ask about possible memory pressure on
> this system, too, since recently some people indicated more fluid mouse
> pointer operation when mlocking the pointer handling code to avoid
> paging this code.
Well the system is low on memory (312M) but that was the last thing i
would've been looking for since it somehow got the win32 gui and some
games to render and work properly on it.

> Maybe run powertop to identify timer anomalies?
This shows two interesting lines:
56.5% ( 21.6) <interrupt> : extra timer interrupt
11.0% ( 4.2) <interrupt> : libata

> Oh, given that IIRC the Webboy is a slightly older Gericom model which
> thus may easily be a (somewhat hotter) P4 *desktop* CPU
It's a pentium-3.
model name : Pentium III (Coppermine)
stepping : 10
cpu MHz : 1097.269

> could it be that
> you're hitting thermal emergency throttling on increased system activity?
> cat /proc/acpi/processor/*/throttling or something there might indicate
> this.
When am I supposed to check this? During idle it's like the following:
state count: 8
active state: T0
*T0: 00%
T1: 12%
T2: 25%
T3: 37%
T4: 50%
T5: 62%
T6: 75%
T7: 87%

Any additional comments on this? :)
Thanks a lot.

Mierswa, Daniel
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