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SubjectProblem with udev and block2mtd

I have changed static /dev to udev on my machine. It has
a lot of RAM (94MB) so I was expecting that udev will not make
things worse. Unfortunately udev isn't noticing that new mtd
device was born. I was suspecting that this is my fault, but
udev's /dev is populated and:
UEVENT[1185991604.930847] add@/module/mtdcore
UEVENT[1185991604.969089] add@/module/mtdpart
UEVENT[1185991605.005954] add@/module/block2mtd
UEVENT[1185991647.726551] add@/module/mtdsuper
UEVENT[1185991647.783396] add@/module/jffs2
UEVENT[1185991647.801242] add@/slab/jffs2_i
UDEV [1185991647.815670] add@/slab/jffs2_i
UEVENT[1185991647.827608] add@/slab/:0000072
UDEV [1185991647.842338] add@/slab/:0000072
I don't see nothing about new device.

Is this situation known? Or this is 2.6.23-rc1-git3 regression?
Or is my udev misconfigured?


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