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SubjectRe: CS5530 Alsa driver fails
> Hi Rafał,
> It seems that you're already using irq 9 for another device, and as Alan says
> the cs5530 audio device doesn't seem to do irq sharing. It seems to me that you
> need to go into your BIOS settings at startup and tell the device to use an irq
> line that's not already in use by some other device. Can you please let me know
> if this works?
Sorry, I should mention earlier that this is Wyse 3360SE. I don't know how to
enter BIOS (if there is any).
> The ALSA CS5530 driver is one that I ported from Alan's OSS Kahlua driver, so
> there may be some things that I've missed. If the above advice doesn't work,
> please confirm whether or not the device is functioning correctly in your
> current set up with Alan's original OSS driver.
I will give up. I didn't checked code earlier. This driver is using SMM. Probably
firmware isn't what it should be, or I have overwritten it when I was flashing
Linux. I see in datasheet that it isn't possible to write driver in other way.
Sadly sound card is generating SMI only.

> Thanks,
> Ash

Thank You

Dowiedz sie, co naprawde podnieca kobiety. Wiecej wiesz, latwiej je


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