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SubjectRe: CS5530 Alsa driver fails
>Linux: 2.6.23-rc1-git3
>Hardware: CX5530
>After "modprobe snd-cs5530" I have:
>CS5530: XpressAudio at 0x220
>CS5530: MPU at 0x330
>CS5530: IRQ: 9 DMA8: 0 DMA16: 5
>sb: can't grab irq 9
>CS5530: Could not create SoundBlaster
>CS5530_Audio: probe of 0000:00:12.3 failed with error -16
>Thank You
>~ $ cat /proc/interrupts
> CPU0
> 0: 26624 XT-PIC-XT timer
> 2: 0 XT-PIC-XT cascade
> 4: 428 XT-PIC-XT serial
> 8: 0 XT-PIC-XT rtc
> 9: 10793 XT-PIC-XT ohci_hcd:usb1
> 10: 1326 XT-PIC-XT eth0
>NMI: 0
>ERR: 0
Hi Rafał,
It seems that you're already using irq 9 for another device, and as Alan says
the cs5530 audio device doesn't seem to do irq sharing. It seems to me that you
need to go into your BIOS settings at startup and tell the device to use an irq
line that's not already in use by some other device. Can you please let me know
if this works?

The ALSA CS5530 driver is one that I ported from Alan's OSS Kahlua driver, so
there may be some things that I've missed. If the above advice doesn't work,
please confirm whether or not the device is functioning correctly in your
current set up with Alan's original OSS driver.



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