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SubjectOld -rt patches

I wrote a Linux app where I need high-resolution timers. I went all the
way and installed the -rt patch, which includes the -hrt patches, as far
as I understand.

Since I could not afford to change kernels with every new release, I
decided to track the 2.6.20 branch (arbitrarily).

At this point I'm using (-rt8 was the last patch to the
2.6.20 branch). (I see 2.6.20 is already up to .15)

I see a lot of patches going into the -rt patch, but development moved
on to 2.6.21, then 2.6.22, and now 2.6.23, following mainline.

I'm not a kernel hacker, so I don't claim to understand the patches, but
the comments sound like a few bugs are fixed here and there. I can't
tell whether these bugs also exist in previous kernels or only appeared
in newer kernels. Even if I knew, I probably wouldn't have the expertise
to back-port the patch.

I'm seeing weird behavior in my app, when it has been running 2-4 days.
The timers start to act out, and all hell breaks loose. Basically, I
have no idea what's going on...

My question is: is it possible that there is a bug in 2.6.20-rt8 that
has been fixed in subsequent -rt patches (there's a and a In other words, if I give or a
spin, is it possible that my weird behavior disappears?

I'm not saying that it's impossible for the bug to be in my app, but the
app is small enough that I'm fairly confident there's no problem there.

Thanks for reading this far,

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