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SubjectPROBLEM: [] Copying to full NFS dir
I've stumbled into a problem running on both my NFS client and
my NFS server. I've just upgraded from 2.4.31, so I have no idea whether
this is a new problem or if it is known in the 2.6.x series.

Here's a high-level description of the context:

* The NFS server has a directory which is full.
* That directory is mounted on the NFS client.
* The NFS client tries to "mv local-file /nfs/remote-dir/"
* local-file is big (typically 700 MiB).

What happens is:

* The "mv" takes a long long time and eventually fails, of course.
* The load on the NFS server (initially at 0) increases to about 8.
* Any access to the NFS-mounted dir from the client whilst "mv" is in
progress stalls (e.g. ls -l /nfs/remote-dir).

I've tried to write my own "mv" in C to see which syscalls were involved.
What happens is:

* All the write() succeed with no error.
* The final close() returns -1 with either EINTR or ENOSPC.

I could not determine what makes close return EINTR or ENOSPC.

Problem is, under 2.4.31, the write() was immediately failing when writing
to a full NFS partition.

This looks like an important bug, but I don't know if it is in the NFS-client
or NFS-server side. I'm tempted to say NFS-server, but that's more a hunch.

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